Advantages and Disadvantages of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

If you're thinking about getting contact lenses instead of glasses, you'll first have to decide which type you would like. Disposable dailies are popular, but it's worth taking the time to consider whether they're the right option for you.

Here is a quick list of their advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Daily Disposable Lenses

Daily disposables are, first and foremost, incredibly convenient. All you need to do is open up two individual pods each day, slip them into your eyes, and then take them out at the end of the day. You won't need to worry about proper storage, and cleaning won't be a concern either.

In fact, daily lenses are often seen as much more hygienic since there is a reduced chance of any contaminant becoming trapped between the eye and the lens itself – something which is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies.

They're also a great solution for people with active lifestyles. If you often play sports or take part in other outdoor events, it can be tricky to wear glasses, so having a daily lens option to swap in makes life easier. The same is true for times when replacing your glasses is more of a cosmetic choice, such as when you need to get your photo taken.

Finally, dailies are easier for those who have never worn contacts. Their flexibility means that it's much easier to take them in and out of the eye, and it isn't as dangerous if one tears in two.

The Disadvantages of Daily Disposable Lenses

Even with those benefits, dailies aren't without their drawbacks. The most obvious is cost. Disposing of lenses each evening is certainly more expensive than wearing monthlies, and the cost will be ongoing. This can be especially annoying if your eyesight is still degrading. You might end up buying a six month supply only to be told that you need a new prescription. Additionally, certain prescriptions are unavailable for dailies. Coloured contacts, for example, are normally not available as such.

It might also become tiresome to have to bring dailies with you wherever you go. People who travel frequently will need to carry a box with them since it is unsafe to wear dailies for too long.

Of course, you should always talk to your optometrist for advice concerning contact lenses, but this guide should give you a good idea of whether daily disposables will suit.

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