Should Popped Eye Blood Vessels Concern You Enough To See An Optometrist?

Most people will go visit a doctor when they fall sick or were exposed to trauma suddenly. But not many individuals consider the wellbeing of their eyes as long as they can still see. And here is where the problem lies. Optical issues are not solely about needing prescription glasses. In some cases, your eyes develop symptoms that could be indicative of an underlying issue that needs medical attention. One such issue is popped blood vessels. Although in some cases this may cause you pain, other scenarios may be a matter of minimal discomfort and make you brush this off as something that will resolve on its own. To help you determine if you need special attention, here are instances where popped blood vessels in your eyes should concern you enough to see an optometrist.

Physical trauma

Unquestionably, one of the most common causes of popped blood vessels in one's eye is due to exposure to trauma, both minor and severe. The first thing one needs to know is that there is a multitude of veins that run across each eye. Secondly, depending on the size, some are more susceptible to overstraining than others. Hence, the severity of your subconjunctival haemorrhage will vary contingent on the degree of trauma that your eyes have been exposed to. If the trauma was minimal, the redness on the sclera will be minor too and this will likely resolve on its own in the coming days or weeks. However, if the redness is substantial, you may have experienced substantial trauma that could affect the functioning of your eye. In this case, it is critical to book an appointment with an optometrist so that you can undergo testing to determine the degree of damage acquired and catch any subsequent issues before they get time to become exacerbated.

Unnecessary eye rubbing

Most people rub their eyes several times a day and they tend to do this subconsciously. However, if this is done excessively, you will be posing the threat of damage to the blood vessels and your eyes in general. Granted, in some cases, the rubbing does bring about relief from itchiness in the eyes. But if this itchiness is regular enough to necessitate continual rubbing, you need to see an optometrist establish what the underlying cause is. Typically, this could be due to dry eye, which elicits a gritty sensation akin to feeling like there are particles on the eye. In other cases, the continual rubbing will lead to additional eye problems other than popped blood vessels, such as infections due to the introduction of bacteria from unsanitised hands. You may even end up lacerating your eyes if debris is indeed on the surface and you end up rubbing it into the sclera.

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